Who are we?

I am Cassandra, the voice of this blog.

I am a mother first and foremost. I am a writer and journalism graduate almost. I am the wife of a sailor and married to my soul mate. I am a friend to many and far away from home.

I'm a bit quirky, a bit crazy, a bit opinionated, stubborn and determined. I'm proud and headstrong and a sometimes too passionate.

I love writing, sewing, creating, and have recently admitted to a Big Brother addiction. I have also recently found a love of running and exercise. I love people that challenge me, people that will hold a conversation with me and people who don't just agree with me because it will shut me up- it probably won't.

I dislike hot weather, being told what to do, mess, my noisy neighbours and people who speak their opinions without being open to listen to others opinions.

I'm pretty easy going but I can also be high strung at times. I am fun and funny but so serious too. I am a walking contradiction but a hard worker, and a dedicated Mother, wife and pet lover.

James, the sailor, father, husband and gamer.

He is one of those guys everybody loves. He is confident and funny. Messy and creative. Determined and dedicated.

Absent from his family too often, a hard worker and a great provider. The love of my life and the man in my dreams.

Oliver, Little Oliver J. 

Born August 30th 2011. Blue eyes, hair undetermined. Chubby cheeks and a heart of gold. This blog is dedicated to him. Everything in here, whether relevant or not, is in some way related to him. Whether it be lessons I want him to learn, ideas I want him to explore or simply annotations of our days together. He is everything I ever wanted. 

Pandora, Maltese Shitzu X Jack Russel. A Jack Shitzu...

Sometimes I think it all began with Panda. After a year of trying for a child we settled on a dog. Four weeks later I got the double lines and Oliver was on his way. She may be just a dog but she is our dog and part of our family.

So who are we?

A defence family living in inner Sydney, relocating to Canberra ASAP. Loving, caring, and real! We laugh, we cry, we fight, we make up. We have good times and tough times but we are a family which means we are always there for each other.

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