Saturday, 17 March 2012

Teething pains.

Welcome to the blog world me. I hear that nothing is private and my dear OH is nervous he will be dragged through the blogging journey with me, and he will be. Yet I felt it was time. 
I have been contemplating a blog for quite some time but always find the perfect excuse. Oh I couldn't with uni, how will I find the time? I like my privacy, except I post it all over facebook and instagram. And my personal favourite, I can't work the site. It's true, I can't which is why this post is aptly titled "teething pains." The format of the blog at the moment is like a child's drawing of a house, I've got the idea of how I want it to look; the walls, the windows and a door, just not the skills to make it the way I want. I will implore OH's help to play with the html, but he is sailing this week which means this blog is going to go through some teething pains until he can help my baby teeth pop through.
Conveniently my son is also cutting through his first teeth. I, first time mother, am currently singing my praises to the rusk kings. They, and the genius who decided to create beads out of sap. Oh amber necklace, how we love thee. These little things make life much easier for Mummy, Daddy, puppy and primarily Little O.
It's a very exciting time, the first teeth. Exciting enough to get you through the sleepless nights, although Oliver is still sleeping he just wakes up and cries occasionally. I just wish he could join in with the excitment. Unfortunately he has no idea what is happening and for him it's just pain. 

So who are we? We are on a journey of new parenthood. We are also finding ourselves in terms of careers and lifestyle choices in this world where one wage is just not enough.
We are youngER parents, both 23. Not teenagers but perhaps younger than most parents. We live in the inner south-eastern suburbs of Sydney. We have a beautiful apartment, which we have spent way too much time and money to get just right.
I am a student of the journalism kind. Originally I wanted to change the world, these days the goal is to become a sub-editor for a charity of some description. I love communications and media theories, and whilst I know what advertising does to me I am the worst slave to it. Yes, you're correct television I do need a newer car, a bigger television, chicken wings and the new ipad 3. But luckily OH brings me back to earth, and we live pretty simply. We have everything we need, most things we really want and some things we like but we try not to over do it.
OH is a sailor in the navy. He works hard and he enjoys what he does, most of the time. He loves his computer games and I have just come to terms with this. It's a hobby of his and who am I to judge. He is still not sure what he wants to be when he 'grows up.' But he is our provider and our hero and will sail away numerous times a year from those he loves so that we can have the best of things. He is our provider, our hero and we love him ever so much.
Now the main event. Little Oliver William

  •  He was born August 30th 2011. Healthy, happy, yellow (jaundice) baby boy.
  •  He is the most determined thing you will ever meet. If he wants something, he WILL get it. Or he will scream. 
  • He loves to bounce in his jolly jumper. 
  • He has been sitting independently since he was 4.5 months. 
  • He is seconds away from crawling.
  •  He is cutting his first teeth, as we speak they are coming up.
  •  He loves his rusks and dummies. 
  • His best friend is our dog Pandora, he laughs for hours as she runs around him in a haze of curiosity and fear.
  •  He has never spent a night away from me.
  • He is still breast fed, but the weaning began last night. So far, no luck.
  • He loves his parents. Both of us. If we have an argument he cries until we are both in the room with him. At 4pm every night he looks at the door waiting for Daddy. When he wakes up he wants his Mummy. 
  • He is everything to us. He is our life. Everything we do is now for him.
Now we may seem like a family of three, but we are a family of four. We have a dog. Her name is Pandora. She is a maltese/shitzu/jack russel. She is a princess. She is scared of Ollie, but protects him against other people/dogs/prams. I think she loves him she is just nervous. She has a sensitive pancreas and can't eat people food. She sits on her bum. She doesn't like walks, but she gets one every day. She is an accident, we didn't plan her. But she is our best accident to date. 

So now that I am part of the blogging world I am excited to share my journey. 

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  1. I am SO excited your are BLOGGING!!!!!

    I can't find your 'follow' widget, but when you get it up, I will absolutely follow your blog.

    I have loved reading your story, & really 'click' with you instagram.

    Enjoy your blogging journey xx