Monday, 22 October 2012

Little Oliver J is growing: both the boy and the blog.

I've been thinking for a while about what I want to get out of this blog, apart from obviously documenting the sweet days with Little Oliver J.

I have come up with a few ideas that I am starting to put into action over the coming weeks, keeping in mind that I have my final exam so I need to dedicate a decent amount of time to that.

I am going to start writing more about how the navy lifestyle affects us. In many ways we are just a "normal" Australian family, in many ways we are different. But in all aspects if our life we are tied to the defence force and it does get the final say on where life takes us. For too long I've been trying to shy away from the fact that being a defence force makes us different. The reality is, it does. For better and for worse. Obviously I won't be saying much about James' job, but I will be talking more about our life as a defence family.

I am also going to talk more about my struggle with weight. I am going to kick start this with my post on the 25th of this month for the We heart life I love my body campaign.
I have gone up and down and round and round with my weight but I am starting to put health before image and really seeing results; in both my weight loss and my self image.
I have been embarrassed about my weight in the past but now that I am getting to a healthier place I feel comfortable sharing my journey.

Finally I am going to re-start Dear Daddy J. This idea is focused on keeping James in the know about Oliver and my happenings whilst he is deployed. However he has very little see time left before our relocation to a land posting (you can read about that here), yet Oliver also grows in leaps and bounds every day so I will document how much Oliver has changed each week just in case James or anybody else missed it.

I'm really excited about these themes and the direction this blog is going in. I am still amazed by how many people are viewing it and I am still planning a giveaway through the Facebook page in the next few days so if you'd like to win some freebies keep an eye out.

And don't worry I will continue my social commentary aka rants, but I think I will limit them to one a week.

Thanks for being interested in our lives and in excited to share even more of us with you.


  1. I am so happy for you!

    The first day I read your blog, I remember saying to myself, wow! THIS GIRL CAN WRITE!

    So, keep writing :) x

    1. That means so much coming from you Cherie, it really does. Thank you.