Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dear Daddy J,

Today I am 14 and a half months old.

On Monday you got me out of bed. We played like normal and then you went to work like normal. But you haven't come home yet. It's Wednesday now and I really miss you. Mummy says you are on a boat, but I think you should just come home.

Before you left we had such a busy week, especially during the week ends. When we go outside I don't get chills anymore, and sometimes I even get really hot. It's much nicer than when it's cold.

On Friday you came home really early and we painted. It was SO FUN. I was a bit confused at first, it didn't taste very nice so I didn't get the point but then I realised if I put the brush on the paper, and not in my mouth, it would leave a pretty picture. I put my hands and feet in it and walked all over the paper. I tried to walk all over the balcony too but you guys wouldn't let me. It was lots of fun though.  So I kept painting and playing with all the different paints and paint brushes. Mummy put my pictures in frames on the wall, I'm really proud of them. My first paintings. It was lots of fun painting with Mummy and you.

Last weekend we all packed in your ute Daddy and went to that big maze you love so much. You know the one, it's full of furniture and people. I think the big sign says IKEA. Well we really like it there. I get to play with all the toys and you and Mum design our new house. It's a lot of fun, and the best bit is I always get to bring a toy home with me. But we ALWAYS have to make it ourselves. I decided to help Mum. You never do, well once you do but you got really upset at the piece of paper with the pictures and Mum took over.

Well I ended up getting really upset too. It was hard to put together and the pictures made NO SENSE. So Mum took over and finished it for me so I could play.

I love my toy, it's so much fun. You put it in my room and put the duvet on the floor of it. I run in there and dive onto it at full speed. At first you and mum told me not to but it's soft so you know it's safe. I also love playing with Panda in it, she goes crazy. Oh and sometimes I take my book in there and just lie there and look at the pictures. Mum comes in and spies on me, she thinks I don't notice but I do. I really love my new tent, but I also had a lot of fun finding it in the maze. I agree with Mum, we should go there every weekend.

When the weekend was over and you went back to work it was really hot again. Mum spent a lot of time wearing her glasses and reading her books and writing things down. I got a bit bored and I just wanted to play outside. Then one day she moved all the bowls from the kitchen to the balcony and put water in them, and then let me play with the water. It was really fun, a bit cold when I would tip the water onto myself but I really enjoyed it. I liked trying to fit the spongey balls into the small containers and transferring the water from one bowl to the other. I tipped the bowls upside too and the water went EVERYWHERE. Oh and Panda kept trying to drink it. It was so funny.

You guys let me feed myself yogurt for the first time. It was a lot more fun than normal, it tastes really nice but it feels nice on my skin too. It always falls out of my hands though so I have to use the spoon. It's okay though I am getting used to the spoon. We ate lots of meals outside and it was still light when I would go to bed sometimes. Some nights I wanted to stay up, but we've been so busy that normally I would fall asleep just as my head hit the mattress.

On Wednesday Mum put me in the car and we went for a really long drive. I slept a lot of the way and I also watched a movie, but I got pretty bored too. When we arrived my best mate Keenan was there. I was so excited. I ran around their house so much. I played with the cats too. Sometimes Keenan would yell which scared me at first, but then I realised that he was just trying to explain things to me and it wasn't a bad sound. I even got to share a bed with Mummy, although I didn't really want to sleep much. Mum was a bit stressed out, but then she went out on Thursday and when she came home she wasn't so stressed any more. She was a little bit sick, but she seemed relaxed.

You were supposed to be at work when we got home but as we were checking the mail you appeared. I knew something was up. When we got upstairs the whole apartment was filled with streamers and balloons and you had even baked a cake. You never bake! You congratulated Mummy on finishing uni and told her how proud you were of her. She was so happy, I know how much Mummy loves you but you could really see it that day. I thought she was crying at one stage, but she was smiling so she must not have been. You made her very happy. We all sat at the table and ate lots of food and we were all very happy. Mummy sure does spend a lot of time in her books, I'm glad she got something out of it. 

This weekend was a really busy one. We drove around all Saturday. We went to the car wash too. It was fun there with you this time. I played with all the toys and had a great time. Then back in the car and more driving. It was a busy day. Sunday was fun. You let me walk Panda all the way to the park. She pulled away a little but I would not let go, just like you don't when you hold my hand. We had fun in the park but I was too tired so you had to carry me most of the way home. I didn't mind too much though. 

Oh and at the park you made Panda stay tied up. I didn't like this so I kept going over to her. She is so protective of me when we go out, she would never let anything bad happen to me. I tried to let her go but you guys caught me. Oh well. I know she wasn't too angry because just after that we went and ran around on the grass. She looked really happy.

I also really liked playing on the equipment with you. But my favourite was just running around with everyone.

Now it's Wednesday and we haven't done much since you left. On Monday I helped Mummy do some laundry by emptying the basket for her all over the floor. I also helped her to clean the floors. It was a bit boring but it had to be done.
Yesterday we went to the doctors. I didn't feel sick so I thought it was strange, but then Mummy kept me in the pram the entire time and she just spoke to him. I think she is a little bit sick, I tried to make her feel better by sharing all my food with her. I know it makes her happy, I love sharing.

This week I have gotten over my fear of kids yelling, except for when I am tired.
I have learnt how to use a spoon, although I still prefer my hands.
I've stopped tipping my plate on the floor, until the very end of the meal at least.
I've learnt to stop what I am doing when Mum says no, I used to sometimes but now I really understand.
I love talking on the phone.
I love to do the chicken dance and singing da-da-dadadada-da.
I applaud when Mummy finishes singing. Sometimes she sings really badly so I clap half way through to make her stop.
I love looking at my books and pointing to the pictures.
I have learnt how to be more gentle with Pandora and pat her softly.
I have also picked up a new word, Giraffe. Although I am not very good at saying it and Mum isn't sure if it's just chance. But I only say it when I see a giraffe so you'd think she's realise.

I can't wait for you to be home Daddy. I know I am going to see my grandparents next week and you are not coming, but I hope I get to see you again before then. I miss you so much when you're not here, I go to the door every time Panda hears a noise and we wait for you. I hope soon it is you.

I love you Daddy.

Lots of love

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