Thursday, 14 February 2013

Our story.

Each year, on valentines we attempt to do something really thoughtful for each other. To us it's not about spending hundreds of dollars that we don't have on things we don't need, it's about bringing out the best in our relationship, you know the best days. Lets face it, we all have days where walk in the door and fall in a heap. We also have days when we leap into each others arms and smoother each other with love. On valentines day, we ensure it's the latter.

This year I made James a collage, as well as a little gift a comic.
Thanks to Frankie Magazine I was able to make a visual story for James depicting our lives together.

Our story.
Two lonely hearts, beating in sync. They entered a bar one fateful night. Little did they know where it would lead. Drink after drink, after drink after drink, they swallowed their sorrows with no knowledge of each other. One boy; destined to join the navy, leaving the weekend after next, celebrating with his friends, wanting for something more. One girl; working in a pizza shop, playing guitar just for fun, partying with her friends, thinking there must be more. A glimpse. A photo. No words. Another drink. A kiss. No response expected. A response. Another kiss. He leaves tomorrow. She's busy with friends. He calls, she answers. She doesn't normally talk on the phone, he doesn't have much time for phone calls between drills and duties.
She musters up her courage, she wants to know where she stands. It could have gone badly, she could have scared him off. But no. She's texts of course, too chickened to call. It's hard not being 15, not asking if they want to "go out." She asks, "friends or more?" He wants more. She smiles, "order up." Another Friday at work.
They continue to chat, she falls for him as he falls for her. She tells a friend that she is in love, her friend warns not to tell him, "you'll scare him off." That night he tells her that he loves her. Her heart stops, as does his. In sync once again.
Months after months they continue to fall. He is posted interstate, to Canberra, she is torn. Does she go, her friends say no but her heart says yes. He proposes, she says yes. "A long engagement", they explain, they've only been together a year and they are barely twenty. She goes interstate with him, she was always going with him. He is pleased but he knew she would, he always new she would.
They begin to build a home, their first home. Everything is so simple, but fun. Nothing like other relationships they've had before. They fight, of course they fight. But with every bad day another hundred good follow. A baby? They've been wanting one for a while and throw caution to the wind. Trying, without trying. No baby; months pass, then a year. "Next year we'll try properly, see a doctor, get an explanation." They get a dog, she fills the void. Their first baby. Pandora. A month later, the double lines; a baby.
Then a posting, a new location, a new home to build. They make a home, her belly grows, he goes to sea, her belly grows, she goes to Melbourne, her belly grows, he comes home, her belly grows, and then a baby. Their baby.
They didn't know they had more love to give, they did. So much more. To him, to each other.
Everyday a new adventure. He goes to sea again. She misses him dearly. He does not miss her any less than he once did, instead he has more longing in his heart. They survive, he comes home. This happens a few times more.
They wed in the winter, on their fourth anniversary. She takes his name, he has already taken her heart. It's relaxed, very them. No big dress, no church. But them, and most of those that they love. Perfection. Life gets easier once they are married, their relationship does not change one bit but she is trusted more as a mother by society. Easier, not different between their four walls but changes on the outside. They love being married, more than they knew they would. They love their honeymoon, best time of their life. They took their son, of course they did.
Time passes, they fall into place. She finishes uni. He works so very hard.
A new posting, a new home, their old home; Canberra, their first home together. A new adventure. This time they do not need to build a home, their home is truly built between the four of them.

I'd love for you to share your story.

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