Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Something borrowed, something blue.

We are planning a wedding; a wedding on a budget, a wedding interstate, our perfect day. Well, I have come to learn that weddings are not about the bride, nor the groom. They are about the families, they are about the friends, the cake, the dress, the music and and and... but not the couple.

Everyone keeps telling me to just do it 'my way.' My way would be James and I on a beach in the middle of nowhere accompanied by Oliver and our dog saying our I do's and then frolicking off to our still intact bank account and nothing would really change because I love my life, I love my fiance and I really don't believe that a piece of paper will change a thing.

So why are we getting married? I have asked that question a few times myself. At the end of the day, we are traditionalists. We love each other and we want to have that perfect day. 

I think I have found the reason why couples look so happy in their wedding photos. Yes, love and all that. But I think its the shear relief. It's done. No more stress. They are there, they are living it and they don't have to plan it anymore.

The Plan: Our wedding is simple. It will be held at a brewery in the Mornington Peninsula. There is no seating plan, it only lasts four hours, there is a limited bar tab, we will eat pizza, we will dance and it WILL be fun. It will be relaxed. People will come if they can make it, no stress if they cannot. It is for us, and people are welcome to join in. That's all we want. Everyone to enjoy, laugh, and share in our love.

The Reality: It is so complex. Apparently you have to have a seating plan, I don't even know if there are enough seats for everyone. I have been told four hours may not be enough time, enough time for what? Are we painting the Sistine chapel? No, we're having a wedding. Also, have you heard it's rude to expect people to pay for their own alcohol at a wedding. Okay, don't. I will put some money on the bar. When that runs out you don't have to continue drinking. No complaints about pizza yet, I mean who complains about pizza. I'm sure the vegans will have something to say about it but they are too weak to speak up. As for the people who can't make it, heaven forbid we make plans only six months in advance and people have already got plans. As long as I meet this criteria everyone can then enjoy, laugh, and share in our our love. 

Okay, so I am generalising. Majority of people have been really supportive of our situation. Most things have only been said as off the cuff comments not meaning any angst. But assuming the bridzilla position this is a disaster, and I haven't even sent out the invites yet.

Not to mention the fact that I have at least 5kg to lose by July in order to fit into my dream dress. So not only am I stressed, I'm hungry. I am starting a strict diet plan and will be uploading a weekly blog keeping you up to date with my weight loss. 

I am certain that once I send out the invites a weight will be lifted off my shoulders, Oh gosh I hope a weight will be lifted off my shoulders. It will be signed, sealed and delivered. The plans are set and once they go out we just HAVE to make it work. 

Although I am honestly pessimistic, I am also hopeful that I will have the day that every little girl dreams of. At the end of the day I just want to walk away a happily married couple. I just want to celebrate us. 

I just want it to be happy, as happy as we truly are.


  1. It's true, you do feel relieved when it's all done and nothing left to plan!! And some of my family were a-holes in the planning process. But we did have an awesome day :)

  2. I totally agree with everything you've said! Tim and I always knew we were going to be together forever as well, and the piece of paper wasn't going to change anything. But there was still something really nice about being "married" :).

    At first, we were just going to do the whole registry thing haha. Then I realised that we had a lot of loving family that wanted to witness the day. So I got planning. Well Mum and Broni helped a lot with that, because I'm pretty bad at organising things!! I actually planned our wedding astrologically, because that's something that interests Tim and I and made the planning fun for us.

    It turned out we had a small window of opportunity (astrologically), so our invites only got sent out like two months before the wedding (that being said, everything happens for a reason, because Tim's Mum passed suddenly a month after we married. If we had waited and given people the "time" that's expected, she wouldn't have been able to be there!!).

    But yeah, try not to listen to anyone else. We had a lot of people, some pretty much strangers, asking us what our music choice was, with a month until our wedding, and when we'd say we hadn't chosen yet, they would be all like "OMGOSH YOU BETTER HURRRRRRY"! Well guess what? Tim chose our music the DAY BEFORE!! And the celebrant actually said it was the best soundtrack to a wedding she's ever seen (it was a Native American flute CD). So in the end, everything will work out. Because as long as you have the love there, it will be the best day no matter what :).

    (And don't stress about the weather either - our day was 48 degrees celcius, outside in the Flinders Ranges bahahaha. And you know what? I didn't even feel hot! I was too excited about marrying my beautiful Timmy!)