Monday, 20 August 2012

52 creative projects, week four: nature man, a first birthday present for Oliver J

Oliver turns one in two weeks time. We have done all the shopping, planned the celebrations and trialled the cake. But I decided I wanted to get him something from me, not just a gift of a material possession but a gift of my time. So I decided to make him a toy. Following a very precise pattern and using beautiful fabric from my local remnants store I created a babushka doll whom I have named Nature Man. The pattern included the face and I opted to used The Lorax fabric as a cape as it is Oliver's favorite film and I love the message it entails. I went with a nature theme to back up the gorgeous cape and used a teal blue color as a scheme.
I am so happy with how it turned out, I loved making it and I can't wait to see Oliver's reaction to him- although he'll have so many new toys I wonder if he'll notice it in the pile of fun.
So here it is, nature man:

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