Monday, 20 August 2012

52 creative projects, week 5: Our wall of fame.

Today I framed our most important events.
Top left: Our wedding vowels. We decided to write our own- it was the best decision. We got to express our live our way, and I'll never forget the look in James' eyes as he read then to me.
Bottom left: Our certificate of marriage. We were married the 14-07-2012 and it completed me.
Top middle: James' four year medals. I am so proud of the time and effort James has given the ADF. A lot of people call these the 'thanks for coming' medals- but James has truly earned these and I hope one day Oliver is proud to point these out to his friends.
Bottom middle: Oliver's birth certificate. This certificate represents the happiest day of our lives, the 30-08-11, the day we became parents.
Top right: James' certificate of promotion. On the 28-08-10 James was promoted to an Able Seaman.
Bottom Right: James certificate of completion and his leg into the navy. This was issued the 27-08-2009.

These are a few of the key moments that have made up our perfect life. James calls it his wall of fame. He had worked hard for each of these moments and he deserves them, but they are ours and the are something to be proud of. These achievements were not given but they were earned.

And here it is, our wall of achievements:

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  1. and soon there will be a Ba of A up there too Mrs Joyce - cait