Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Little Oliver J and his pointer.

Oliver is 13 months old on Sunday. This past month we have witnessed our baby boy becoming a toddler.

His walking skills have improved so much. Every time he perfects his balance he moves a little faster.

He loves listening to his iPod. We clip it to his back and the puts the earphones in and out of his ear as he goes about his daily activities. He also stops to boogie every now and again.

He is giving us kisses, but only when he chooses to. He does not just give them out all the time, except to his Daddy when he gets home for a night away.

His relationship with Pandora is stronger than ever. They play for hours laughing and running. She still doesn't trust him 100% but that gets stronger everyday.

He has perfected getting off the couch without falling. He has also got a new habit of standing and dancing on the couch. This means he (as always) can never be left alone on the couch for more than a few seconds.

Perhaps the biggest growth in Oliver this month is he has learnt to communicate with us. It is amazing. He is still finding his words but sometimes he sounds like he is repeating out words, but we're not sure if its just coincidence.
He has learnt to point at the things he wants. This has helped keep him a much happier boy, although sometimes he points at James' computer and other contraband that he is not allowed. He gets very upset when we say no.
When we tell him no he walks off shaking his head and saying no no no! This is often done with laughter, we think its become a game.

He has also started taking himself to bed when he hears the beep of the microwave go off. Sometimes he will walk to the kitchen and point to the microwave, which means bot and bed time (I think).

When he is hungry he walks up to his highchair and points or goes and shakes on the gate of the kitchen.

Life has becoming a lot easier with a communicating toddler. There is less and less guessing about what he wants and more certainty every day. He seems happier, and he is also learning that he can not actually have everything he wants. He is not necessarily happy about this, but he is learning.

He likes to play chasey and kissing himself in the mirror. He waves when we say hello and goodbye. He points at us when we point at him. He LOVES to climb which causes me much anguish. He loves his Daddy, but still insist on a cuddle with his mummy just before bed. His smile takes over his whole face and his laughter is so infectious. He is so ticklish, except for when he's grumpy- then tickles makes him even more grumpy.

The older he grows the more I long for our house and backyard in Canberra. Until then we are living it up in the Sydney CBD and making the most of each day.

Every day is new and wonderful with my little Oliver J.


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