Monday, 15 October 2012

A little boy and his bubbles.

For Oliver's first birthday we gave him the gift of creativity. Of those gifts we included some bubbles. I imagined days in the park blowing said bubbles, Oliver running through them in delight. Unfortunately they got a little lost in the wash and have sat on his book shelf since his birthday.
Last week, four of Oliver's teeth decided to make an appearance. All at once. Tears were shed. Tantrums were thrown. Cheeks glowed and drool dripped. It was tough.
I am currently getting my wisdom teeth so I can sympathise with my poor bubba.
On Saturday morning I awoke from my allocated sleep in to my son laughing in delight. James had been at a loss as to how to make Oliver happy and then he set eyes on the bubbles.
Bliss. Pure bliss as Oliver explored the sight, the sound, the touch of bubbles. He was nervous at first, but his confidence grew and he began reaching for them, popping them. He would run through them, laugh at them, squish up his face when one popped on him. His curiosity was a sight for sore eyes, sore teeth in our case.

The past week of exhaustion and tears left us behind in this moment.

These really are the moments. The moments that make it all worth it.

Little Oliver J you amaze me more and more every day. I love you, and all that you are.

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