Saturday, 13 October 2012

Three months of wedded bliss.

James and I picked our wedding date based on one thing, when we could be 100% sure he wasn't going to be deployed.
Then we looked within that time frame and we realised we could get married the day before our four year anniversary, the 13.07.2011. I emailed the venue and they were available. Deposits were paid, people were informed, feelings were hurt because people had travel plans (so many of our nearest and dearest) but James would be there. I would be there. And we would be wed.
Our wedding was one of the happiest days of my life. It was not a 'traditional' wedding, it was our wedding.
Since the day I became a Joyce not too much had changed. But I feel whole. I don't feel like I am a different person but I feel like we are a complete family. It's impossible to explain, I don't even know why it mattered. I didn't think I could feel more complete. But I do.
James is my soul mate. From the day we met I knew he was the one.
People told me I was crazy, in their position I would have thought the same thing. But the way I felt for him, and still feel for him, can not be described to anyone who hasn't felt it before.
I have never doubted James, I have never doubted my love for James, I have never doubted that we would grow old together. We may be younger, we may be still in the honey moon phase but I have no doubt that we are meant to be.
Sometimes we fight. Oh boy do we fight. We don't agree on things. I'm quite the moody one. He is tired a lot and has a bad habit of not listening. But we always make up. We always reach an understanding. We always communicate our feelings and work our way through it. We are a team.
Since we got together (and much to the annoyance of many friends and family members) it has never been him or me, it has been us. We know how to be independent and we know how to be apart, we have to it's the navy way, but it is not a preference. We love each others company. We love each other.

We do have our own time, our own hobbies and our own space. And we have times when we just need a moment to ourselves. We are human. But we always come back together. We always sleep in the same bed (except when apart or if the neighbours are too loud and I have to sleep in the lounge). We NEVER go to bed angry.

And then there is our son. Our Oliver. Watching them together, the look of intense love in James' eyes, almost makes me fall in love with him all over again. He is the father of all fathers. To see what we created in our son is proof that we are soul mates, meant to be if only to create and raise him.

These three months have been interesting. We have had too many guests in and out of our home for long stays. James has worked harder than any AB should have to work, and dealt with pressures far beyond his rank. But he had dealt with them perfectly and made his ship proud being made sailor of the quarter. I have been seriously dieting and dropped 7kg which is great, but not without its taxes. And Oliver has started walking, turned one, learnt the temper tantrum, cut through teeth and become a little boy. Our dog even suffered at the hand of the groomers and went through a bit of a nasty phase, just to me never Oliver or James, but that was tough too. We have also been inform we are relocating to Canberra, as many readers would know.

We have taken every hit in our stride, every leap in our graces and every smile into our hearts. We are happy. We are more than just happy. We are content. The first three months of married life have been among the best of my life, but every second with my family is.
I still question how I got so lucky but I try not to jinx it and I work hard to keep it so I figure I just deserve it. But I do not and never will take it for granted.
I am the lucky one. We are the lucky ones. We are surrounded by, and saturated in, love. Everyday and in every thing we do we are motivated by our love for each other and for this I an truly great full.

Thank you for being the most amazing husband, one beyond my wildest dreams James. I will always love you, and take comfort in knowing the love you hold for me.

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