Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dear Daddy J,

Today I am 14 months old.

You work such long hours and so hard for our family sometimes you miss out on the things that I do. Even though you're not always here I know Mum takes so many photos and shows you every day I have decided to write it all down for you at the end of each week so you can sit down and enjoy it in your own time.

This week started with me still feeling pretty funny. I had spots all over, my head was sore and I just wanted to cry all the time. I still tried to play and run but then I wouldn't feel very good so I'd just cry. You and Mummy would scoop me up in your arms and I'd feel all better. Sometimes I even woke in the night and I still felt rubbish. So Mum and you took it in turns giving me lots of cuddles and then Mum laid down with me and watched my favourite ever movie, The Lorax. It always makes me feel better. You and Mummy made me feel better. Even when I felt much better I still decided I might like some midnight cuddles, but by Wednesday I was too tired to cuddle in the middle of the night and decided you can wait until the morning.

Every morning you have gotten me out of bed for a quick play before you go to work. I love to be woken up by you. It gives Mummy a chance to drink her wake-up medicine and I get to see even more of you. For the past few weeks I feel like I had barely seen my Daddy and I always went to Mummy if I needed anything. I wasn't sure if you could give me what I needed because I know you're so busy. But this week you taught me that you are always here for me when you are here and if I need anything, my Daddy will be here. And now when you are sitting on the couch I come up to you and tap you on the leg, just because I want you to know how happy I am that you're here.

You and Mummy keep telling me in the new house you will be home a lot more. Can we just hurry up and go there? You've been talking about it for ages and I know it's closer to my best mate Keenan so I'd really like to go there now. My Daddy home more, my best friend nearby and Mummy still around- what more could I want? As long as Pandora is coming too, she is my favourite playmate.

Oh and Daddy, something really crazy happened this week. I was really tired over dinner, but loving my carrots so much so I was just resting my eyes whilst I ate. Then I went into the bath room for a 'ba ba' and it was empty! Instead the water was falling from the top. You put me in the bath and jumped in too, but it never filled up. The water just kept falling. I loved it, I didn't like it when you stole all my water though. I like the way it felt when the water fell on my face. I kept trying to catch it but I couldn't. Now we do that most nights, sometimes you join me and sometimes you and Mummy just watch with big smiles.

This week I also started to share more words with you. So far I can say:
Bottle (bo)
Bath (ba ba)
Patients (schients)
What's that? (shjow puts)
O ohhh.
Hey and Bye Bye- both come with a wave

And I still talk lots of baby words. Sometimes I want things and I point to them but you don't understand so I get frustrated and yell at the top of my lungs. Or sometimes you just say no! I get very upset and I let you know. You and Mummy always react the same way, you just turn away from me and then clap a few minutes after I finish yelling. I know you don't like it when I yell and I wish I didn't have to but you never understand me. It's frustrating and I get upset with you, if we are home I often run to my bedroom and lie on my couch whilst I calm down. Then Mum or you will offer me a different toy and I'll be happy with that, but if I'm still upset I'll just throw it on the ground because its not the one I want. But most of the time that makes you upset so I pick it up and give it back to you. I don't mean to upset you, but I just get frustrated. I can't wait until you finally understand me.

I don't really like walking anymore. I've found a new mode of transporting. It's like walking, but much faster, you guys call it 'slow down' but I also heard its called running. I don't know why everyone doesn't run everywhere, you'd get there much faster.

I also have started giving you and Mummy lots of kisses and cuddles when you ask for them. I normally reverse in for a cuddle, it means I can run away much quicker when you let me go. I love kisses now. I wasn't too sure at first but I see how happy they make Mummy and you. The other day Panda got really upset at the neighbours cat, she was shaking so I went over and gave her a kiss. She wagged her tail. Everyone loves my kisses.

Yesterday you came home really early and we spent the afternoon playing. Mum went off in a funny shirt and she wore her necklace, the one with her name on it, it was nice you have some boy time. I love Mummy but she always takes over when I'm upset or I want to cuddle you. I know she loves us very much, but I get so much time with her it was nice to spend time with you. We played all after noon and when Mum finally did come home she had some delicious fish for us to eat. It was a really good day yesterday, I didn't want to go to sleep. I was still wide awake half an hour after bedtime but then I had a quick cuddle with Mummy and decided to ask for my 'bo bo' and walk myself to bed. But by the time my bottle was ready I put it in mouth and Mummy had to catch me, I nearly fell asleep standing up right there in the kitchen. You both laugh, I wasn't worried you guys are always there to catch me when I fall. It was such a big day I didn't even realise how exhausted I was.

So much happened this week I couldn't fit it all in. But here are some more photos of our week.

I learnt how to play the drums; on a metal bowl, with spoons as my sticks. It's really loud I love it.
You guys got a juicer so I have been drinking lots of fresh juice. I have also been enjoying the fruits and the warm weather, it feels like we're on holiday again
Mummy gets really upset when I try to decorate her chairs and the table at home. At the hospital I got to colour in the WHOLE table. Mummy even coloured in too. But when I tried it at home she said no. I don't get it. This was a lot of fun though.

Thanks for reconnecting with me this week Daddy. I know when you're not here its because of how much you love us, but I do love it when you are here.

Love Always,

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