Thursday, 13 December 2012

This Christmas just be you.

Last night we had James' end of year party. It was a cruise around the Sydney harbour, and it was very enjoyable! It was also with a dress code, semi formal. oh dear!

Initially the husband had no clue whether the code was set by the cruise or his peers. He also couldn't tell me what the other girls were wearing.

He decided early that he'd wear his skinny lee jeans in black, black and white checkered shirt, formal vest and polka dot bow tie.

I had no idea what to wear. I was terribly nervous to meet majority of his crew for the first time any way, and with the confusion over suitable attire I was fairly distressed. Normally I don't give a shit what people think, but he sees these people every day so I wanted to 'fit in'.

I tried on a few dresses, some formal pieces that aren't really me but seemed to fit the dress code. I felt uncomfortable in them, but they looked okay. Not me, but okay.

Then last minute I decided on a short black number with a feature collar, my glitter jacket, cute 1950's inspired heals and footless leggings.
Not incredibly formal, but 100% me.
I got complements all night on my 'style', not my out fit directly- but my style.
It wasn't what I wore, it was how I wore it; comfortably and confidently.
I had a great night, I met some wonderful people and I wasn't worried about what people thought about my outfit. It may not have been super stylish nor formal, but it was me!

The festive season is also the party season. We've all worn a dress too tight, too short, too not us, and felt uncomfortable all night. It's not worth it. People will like you if you are a nice person, if you are yourself , even if you are wearing jeans and joggers. It's easier to be yourself when you look like yourself.

This festive season be yourself and you will shine.

Love and kisses

Mama J

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