Friday, 14 December 2012

The Christmas gift that keeps giving.

Derrick, 7 years old.
Last year, like most years, James and I had exhausted our christmas funds and had struggled to string together the money to get each other a gift.

We're big on cards in this family, so we made each other a card. I'm sure we got each other a little something, but like most things it's somewhere around the house.

Just another thing. I do love things and I'm certain they were very nice things, and showed very much the love we have for each other.

We also discussed what else we could get, something that really meant something. Oliver was only a few months old and, as most new parents do, I teared up at the sight of any child is distress. "What if it was my baby?"

So we decided to sponsor a child. Derrick, a 7 year old Ugandan boy. He was born to a loving mother, just like Oliver. Unlike Oliver however he was born into severe poverty. But thanks to us he is now receiving an education and wants to be a teacher when he grows up. Thanks to us, and our organisation, he has a bright future and opportunity; just like Oliver. As well as necessities such as clean drinking water.

It's the best gift I have ever gotten or given. Over the years many of my extended family have received chickens and goats for people struggling with poverty and famine. This is purchased very easily through World Vision, most shopping centres have a floating stand.

We decided to sponsor through Plan, primarily due to the lack of religious affiliation. It's only $40 a month which isn't much to us, but very crucial to our sponsor child.
Plan puts the money towards Derrick's community, and so far we have contributed to a well and a school wall that seriously needed upgrading.
I really like this aspect of Plan, but I think it's important to do your own research and find an organisation that suits you.
Also be aware that not 100% of your donation is ever going to reach the child, they do need to pay for advertising. Awareness is VERY important, and doesn't come cheap. Look into the organisation of your choice, for example 80% of what we donate reaches Derrick's community.

We had been wanting to sponsor a child for years, so it just made sense to call it a Christmas gift to each other. Each year at Christmas time I can feel proud that I am truly doing my small part to make this world a better place.

I hope everyone's Christmas spirit is alive and well. I'm still loving the season but have to brave my local Westfield tomorrow to get Oliver's photo with Santa so I'm expecting to be rather deflated by this time tomorrow. Deflated but seasonal; much like I expect our Christmas lunch will turn out.

Mama J

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