Monday, 17 December 2012

Dear Daddy J,

Sorry I haven't written in so long but things have been very busy. I am growing so much, I run wild and I barely have time to sit down and write this to you.

Today I am just shy of 16 months old. I'm really not a baby any more.

Last week I had my first sleepover at Sarah and Sophie's house. It was a lot of fun and I was very spoilt, but when I woke up in the middle of the night and you guys still weren't there I was very upset. Luckily Sarah comforted me and I eventually went back to sleep. I ate lasagne for dinner and it was YUMMY. I also got to play with Sophie's pram which I really love and explore the house. When you picked me up in the morning I was very happy to see you, but also still having so much fun with Sophie. 

Ever since then I have been really clingy with Mummy, I don't want to leave her side. I know how much she missed me when I had a sleep over, you see, and I'm worried she doesn't know that she is still my number one gal. But she is Daddy, I really love Mummy. I love Sophie and Sarah too, but Mummy is my Mummy. I don't like it so much when she's walking around and stops suddenly, I get her but in my face because I don't know she's going to stop. I really have been staying very close to her. I know she likes it and I like it too. I enjoyed a sleep over but I don't really like being away from you guys.

We also went to go see Santa this week, twice. The first time we went he must've been really grumpy because he didn't even talk to us and he really scared me. The next time we saw him somewhere else and he was much happier, I was still a little bit nervous but you and Mummy sat with him too and then I was okay to sit on my own, especially when he let me play with his bell. 

Last night we went to see some Christmas lights, except it was still light when we got home because I got a bit grumpy. It was fun though, especially because Pandora came with us.

I have also changed all my sleeping habits. My morning naps are more like an early afternoon nap now and bed, well that's whenever I like.

Also, when I don't listen to you guys saying no you have started putting me in time out, I hate it. I think I know why you do it, because I really like to climb things and a few times I've hurt myself. But sometimes I still get a bit confused. You're both really nice to me afterwards though and tell me no means no and that you love me very much, which I kno but I still like to hear.

Oh and, you've finished work for the year. That's really nice, I get to have you around for a whole six weeks! I've never gotten to spend that much time with you home and I really can't wait. Today you even helped me to sweep the floors. You kept trying to give me the toy broom to use though which was really annoying, the bigger one is far more efficient.

I still only use words occasionally, some new ones are car, truck, and yum. 

Next week is Christmas so it will be a very busy time. I know Mummy will take lots of photos and you will be here the whole time but I know you love my letters so I will try and write as soon as possible.

Here are a few more photos of me in the past week.

Mum helping me with the sweeping.

Writing out christmas cards.

Watching my new favourite film, Ice Age 4.
I have to go and build some blocks which is another new habit of mine. It's christmas next week so I will be even busier helping Mum with lunch and you to play with toys but I will try and write again soon.

I love you Daddy.

Love always,



  1. He is adorable! Thank you for sharing him. Rachel x

  2. Oh I miss this age ... lucky boy to have Daddy home for 6 whole weeks!

    1. It is a wonderful age. Every day is something new, although I feel it's been that way from day one. xx

  3. Oliver, my mum always tries helping when I do the sweeping too x love Thomas 14 months :)

    1. Thomas, they do try hard don't they. I feel bad because they just make it worse by removing all the mess, I mean I wanted to eat that old sultana! Oh well. x

  4. You've got one thing right Oliver, mummys really are the best. Love your letter to Daddy :)

  5. Such a cute letter! Don't you love when they try and help? It's cute for about 5 minutes until you actually need to get stuff done ;)

    1. I know Jess, it's tough being a toddler I have so much to do and Mummy just keeps trying to help. But you know my blocks and mega blocks actually belong on the floor she just loves putting them in my toy shelf. It's so messy when the floors are clean, one day I'll teach her to clean my toys up correctly!