Tuesday, 22 January 2013

And it begins.

Many months ago I informed you all that Little Oliver J was leaving town. At the time it was so far away the thought of waiting that long made me sick to my tummy.

But it's almost here.

This time next month we will be Canberra residents once again.

Four weeks. I can barely breath. I am so ready.

As we beginning packing our life into boxes I reflect on what Sydney has meant to me. It has meant the introduction of some of the most amazing people, one in particular. It has been our families first home, the home that welcomed our child and the home that welcomed me as a wife. It has been a place in which we truly became a family, no longer just a young couple. It was the place that I received my final grades. I will always remember these wonderful times.

But as many of you know, it has also brought us many hardships. James' work in Sydney means long hours, high stress and weeks away at a time. This also means I can't work. The struggle with balancing uni and family was tough, but my friends and family got me through. Our living situation has meant the past two years we have had to fight a constant battle with dog crap, noisy neighbours, a disgusting garbage room, and the never ending fight for a car park. I struggled to keep up with the Jones', I tried to 'fit in' with the Mother's around me. I struggled with who I was as a person, and as a mother. I lost myself for a while there trying to keep up, but I found myself again. (and fell behind or ran ahead, who knows?)

There have been many trials along the way, but I will leave them here along with my apartment and take with me the good memories, that feeling.

When we moved here in march 2011, we were completely different people. The same, but different. I was Cas, James was James and we were in love. Now we are truly one, bound by our son. We used to play the part of responsible adults, now we are responsible adults. We didn't know the value of a dollar, or a healthy meal, or a backyard. Our priorities have changed, and our lives have changed. Definitely for the better.

I am so ready for Canberra. I am so ready for suburbia. I am so ready for the next phase of our lives.

But I will always remember Sydney as the place we became a family.

Mama J xx

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