Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Oliver the waterboy.

On Sunday afternoon, after an eight hour drive, we arrived at my parents house. They live an hour out of Melbourne, just a five minute drive from the beach.

My whole life I was surrounded by water. I can't remember a time in my life when I was anxious about the water. I've always been comfortable swimming deeper and deeper until my feet couldn't touch the ground.
The thing I love most about water is the silence when you first immerse yourself. I could be anywhere, it's all the same, it's freedom.

Oliver clearly shares this love of water.

My parents have a water tank, and my mother loves her garden. She tends to it very often, and over the last few days Oliver has had the delight of helping her water the garden.

My folks also have a pool in which he has tentatively sat beside, and ridden a lilo in. It's still just a little bit cold for him to swim in, but he loves it.

I'm so glad to share this connection with my son. Today we swam together, we hosed each other, and after we bathed together.

The whole time, we laughed together.


Mama J xx

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