Sunday, 13 January 2013



  • This week we boiled in the Sydney heat wave, so we tried to play some games to keep you cool.
  • We took you to the park and you shut the gate on us so you could play alone.
  • You attended your second wedding, and you ran around and played with the bride and grooms son the entire ceremony.
  • You had your first sleep over with a baby sitter and your little friends. The next day you were more exhausted than we had ever seen before.
  • You played in the hotel pool with your Daddy and trusted him entirely as you ran off the ledge into deeper waters and his awaiting arms.
  • You slept in a big boy bed, but showed us you are not ready yet after a couple of falls.
You continue to learn, love, laugh, cry, fall, and grow; whilst we continue to love all that you are entirely.

Mama J x

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