Friday, 11 January 2013

Three weddings, three weeks, three states.

Re-read the title if you must, but it's true. We have three weddings over the next three weekends. And yes, we will be travelling between three different states for said weddings. Two are in Canberra and one is in Victoria, sadly not in that order.

The logistics are mental. Of course Oliver is coming, and yes so is the dog. Neither will be attending the weddings. We have babysitters planned, which means we'll be enjoying that thing called adult time, something we're not overly familiar with.

It's crazy, and I'm crazy excited. I can not wait to share in all this love.

Our bags are packed, the car is loaded, and the house is clean. Most importantly, obviously, is that my outfits are selected.

Originally I had planned to wear my wedding dress to tomorrow's wedding, but due to the forecast I have decided to wear a simple cotton maxi and dress it up with some heals and bling.

I'll be blogging over at We Heart Life after the trip about how it all came together, and what I ended up wearing, yes I've brought spares. Until then, enjoy this sneak peak of two out of my three current choices, look similar? Yeah I fell in love!

Mama J xx

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