Sunday, 10 March 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.


This photo sums up our week perfectly. You got sick, with gastro. But you kept on playing right through it, you were not happy about it but you did not get in the way of your busy little being. 

  • I started my new 'job' as a nanny with you right by my side. You got jealous at times, you wanted your toys and your Mum to yourself. But you also play with Mia in delight, you smile so widely when we arrive at her house in the morning and you look a little lost when we leave her at night. You make her laugh with your quirky ways and you constantly try to put her dummy back in, even when she doesn't want it in.
  • You came down with gastro. We thought you were not that sick as you kept on playing. I could tell you were not your normal self, but you were also 'getting on' with it. When Mummy caught your illness it was quite a surprise how very ill she felt. You are a brave little boy. 
  • You have starting playing with Panda again like you used to. It's very sweet to see. She sat with you a lot whilst you were sick and I hope that she gets over her fear of you soon. 
  • You have learnt that if you want us to come to you in haste that all you have to do is spew. So you try, you fake spew every night when we put you to bed. You fooled us the first time, and I had my doubts the second but now I know my little tricksters game. 
This week you showed my how resilient you are. You will never let anything get in the way of your achievements. You are so empathetic, you knew to sit with us when we were unwell and to let us feel your warmth and love. You are smart, you know how to adapt to get what you want. You also know when enough is enough and when to sit quietly and play whilst Mummy and Daddy wallow in pain.

You are the bravest of brave, the smartest of the smart, the cheekiest of all.

I love you Oliver.

Love Always, Mama J. x

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