Monday, 1 April 2013


A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013.

You awoke as if it was any other day, but when you saw the trail of Easter eggs leading to your Easter basket your eyes lit up and the magic of Easter was upon us. You ate two small chocolates before breakfast and then would have none of your hot cross buns. You found the bowl that we had hidden the remaining Easter eggs in and you you tipped it down on the ground. You ate four more before rolling around on the ground in a completely blissful food coma. 

  • We drove down to Melbourne and you slept the entire way. You were greater by your Grandpa and were delighted to crawl into bed with grandma, but then got a bit of a fright when she awoke.
  • It was cold but you and grandpa didn't care, you still dangled your feet in their pool.
  • You had a sleep over with your grandparents and didn't see your parents until lunch time the next day. You didn't mind at all. 
  • You helped Auntie Bec and Grandma garden, and also said Bec three times in a row. 
  • You woke up one morning and there were Easter eggs everywhere. You got to put them all in your basket and they lead to an even bigger basket full of toys and books.
  • We caught the ferry from grandma and grandpa's house and ended up at Pa and Nana Sarah's house. We met your new mate Ned who is now seven weeks old and you ran around the house with Daisy with joy.
Your baby ways leave you more and more every day, and you really are growing into a wonderful little boy. There has never been any question about your determination or your ability to get your own way, but now you are more understanding that you cannot always have what you want, nor can you have it all now. You shared a bed with us to nights in a row and cuddled into your daddy which meant the world to him after a few weeks of a very Mummy orientated Oliver. Some days I feel really sad about the moments we have left behind, but every day you give me another reason to smile and another reason to enjoy you as you are today.

I love you very much Oliver.

Love always
Your Mama J

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