Sunday, 5 May 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013.


Babcia came to visit this weekend, and you played shy. Except every time you shied away you made sure all eyes were on you. You jumped on her bed and you walked in her boots. You are surrounded by so much love, and boy do you know it.

  • Your day naps are all over the place, and you often take your nap in the car or the pram.
  • You got a cold, which I think is related to the above. You're so brave when you're ill, you continue to play until you simply can't anymore.
  • We cut off the little curl at the back of your hair, which made you look very grown up. I thought it was gorgeous, but your dad did have merit when he called it a rats tail. He does miss it now though.
  • We moved you into a single bed, and you slept the whole night through.

Seeing you in your single bed both breaks my heart and skips it a beat. You needed it, your cot was too small and too old. You learnt to climb out of it a while ago and since then we have just been biding our time until your wonderful Babcia arrived to help us pick the perfect one. And perfect it is. We're currently into night two, and as I closed your bedroom door I saw my toddler staring back at me, as the door closed I imagined my child, my pre-teen, and my teenager staring back at me. You will grow in that bed, as you do everyday, and as a mother that's both a wonderful and terrifying reality. I just hope you let me tuck you in for as long as possible.

I love you my little Oliver J.

Love always.
-Mama J xx

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