Sunday, 28 April 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013.


Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. Without hesitation you felt comfortable in their presence. You love your Grandma very much, especially when you play ni ni or she plays with your feet. And boy oh boy do you love your Grandpa. He took you to the park for hours and he let you do all the things I never thought you capable, but you were. You sat in the car together, you gave him your hand and took him to the door and expected another trip to the park. You are in your element when they are around.

  • We went to the dinosaur museum and we all worked together to get you your dinosaur hunting licence.
  • You petted a snake at the reptile zoo, and hissed wildly at all the other reptiles.
  • You slept through ever night this week, although awoke at 4:30AM one morning much to my dismay.
  • You language is growing even more, but you prefer to communicate through movement and actions.
  • You had a tiny hair cut and your gorgeous curl at the back of your head, that could sometimes be confused as a rats tail, is gone.
  • You run around like crazy when suspenseful scenes happen in a film.
  • You played with our neighbours in the park and cried when you had to go home, you love playing with kids so much.
  • You're a show off, this weekend you really learnt to show off for the first time in front of your grand-parents. We all love your attention seeking ways, as we have a lot of attention to give.

I love knowing what you want, I do wish you would use your words but I am so glad to be able to communicate with you. I love the way to say ni ni and bye bye. I love the way you come to me for a kiss, a cuddle, or just to sit on my lap. I love the way you are you, and no one will convince you otherwise. You can be distracted but you are determined in your own way, and you never give up until you are certain you can't do it. You learn, and laugh, and love bigger than before. Every day your capacity grows and I find something else I completely adore about you.

I love you always.
Mama J

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  1. Lovely portrait. Moments always to be cherished.