Saturday, 20 April 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013.

You ate popcorn for the first time. You devoured it. I have never seen you so excited by food before. You grabbed handful after handful and shoved it into your sweet little mouth. Even after you were full you continued to hoard it onto your lap so that it was all yours and nobody else's. You then decided to feed it all to Panda because you saw that she loved it, it was very sweet of you.

  • You got your toy car, and you love it. Every morning you run out of your room and straight into your car.
  • You have picked up a few more words in context and we communicate now.
  • You slept through for two whole nights I a row, which is huge for us. What makes it even bigger is that it was with the side off on your cot, as we are transitioning you to a big boy bed.
  • Mia let you hug her! With he mother present. It was very special because last time her Mum was here, you bit her very hard.
  • You pretend to sleep in our bed, it's wonderful.
  • We purchased a second pram and you and I race them, it's very fun.

You have been so happy this week. This week you have calmed, you are still very busy, but you have relaxed just a small amount. I suppose you have grown up again. We communicate more every day and it's so special. You let us know how thankful you were of your toy car, it meant the world to your Daddy and I.

I love you ever so much little mr. More than the stars and the moon shine up in the sky.

Love always
-Mama J x

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