Tuesday, 14 May 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013.

We gave you bath crayons and you went crazy. You painted the bath blue, and your tummy red, and your Daddy yellow. You laughed when we used the ducky glove to clear the crayon off you, and oh how you cried when you have to get out of the bath that night. You've always been a water boy and it's our pleasure to find new ways to enhance your love of water.

  • We went down to Melbourne and you spent the weekend with Babcia, AGAIN! You love your Babcia, you let her bath you and ate all the dinner she prepared for you. It's great to see the relationships you are forming even though we are so far away.
  • You played in the park with your Auntie Rebecca and your Grandpa. 
  • We went to visit Nana Sarah and Auntie Daisy but instead you opted to sleep on Daisy's bed.
  • You slept through every night, yet again. It's joyous.
I was watching you play today and I got up to help you and then I realised you didn't need my help. You climbed up the ladder, you sat at the top of the slide, and you slid down. All on your own. You didn't need me, but you still looked up to make sure I was there. I was sad for a second, but when you looked at me in the eyes I knew that no matter how old you are you will always be my baby, and I will always be there to watch your greatest achievements whether it be sliding on your own, your first day of school, your graduation, your wedding, I'll always be there.

I love you Oliver J
Love always
Your Mama J x

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  1. They grow up way too fast. When we think our kids need us whent hey don't it kicks us in the gut.