Sunday, 19 May 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013.


Pandora is your best friend. She started the week off a bit unwell and you didn't understand why she didn't want to play, not everyone has your resilience dear child. But after a few days the two of you were back to your normal selves and dancing around the family room.

  • Mia's mummy had the week off, which meant we spent the week just you and I.
  • We went to Majura Park playground several times and you even played in the helicopter on the third level.
  • You decided to forget how the sleep through the night again, but soon enough we found out why.
  • You put foam up your nose and we spent a fun Saturday morning in ER. You are still recovering from the experience and still thrill at blowing through you nose.
  • You draw for hours, when in the past it was just seconds before you grew bored. This week we have received some beautiful drawings from you.
  • You said 'dinosaur' and 'hey Dad shhh'. Your language is still technically behind but continue to communicate in so many wonderful way. My favourite is through the hug, whether it be a sad hug, or a panicked hug, or a loving hug. I never knew a hug could say so much.

Mummy's decided to go back to full time work, but only for her dream job. I have applied for a few and is very hopefully for one. I've found you the most wonderful day care lady who is ready when we are. I am not worried about leaving you as you cried when we had to leave her house, I'm just a little bit scared about the moments I'll miss but you know that everything I do is for you kid. I want you to know that jobs don't just mean money, that you can get out of bed everyday and do something that you love. If you want anything enough, Oliver, you can make it happen. And your Mummy does.

I love you little Oliver J.

Mama J x


  1. Good luck in this new dream!!!

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