Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'm so glad you're mine.

Today I was listening to a radio show. The host told a story of a 16 year old Cambodian boy who was brought into his psychiatric ward because he laughed hysterically when the police told him to get his feet off the seats of the train.
It turned out this young boy had killed around 600 people during the reign of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge. He was a child soldier who killed his first victim at the age of three. His first victim was killed for the crime of wearing glasses.
In comparison to the life he had lived until that moment, having feet on a seat being a police matter just seemed hilarious to this kid. 

I am a massive believer that children should not be a product of where they are born. But sadly, they are. A child born into poverty, will more often or not live a life of poverty- especially when born into a third world country. A child born into a hate filled family are more likely to become a hate filled individual. A child born into love, will be raised with loved, and will more often than not be a child-and become an adult- filled with love.

Oliver, you were born into love.

Every day I thank you for choosing us to be your parents. I thank you for blessing us with your presence. For choosing us to be spoilt with your love, cuddles, laughter, and joy every day.

I am so thankful that you got us. A mother and father who would lay down and die for you. Parents who adore your every actions, it's our favourite thing to talk about. Parents who spend every last cent making sure you don't miss out on a thing, but are smart enough to start a trust fund for you and secure your future.
But money- psssh- so unimportant. Enough to survive, crucial, and I'm thankful we can give you that.

I am so thankful that we are here, that we can be here. I am so thankful that we live in Australia, people may dislike our government but we have the freedom to say it without fear of our lives. I am so thankful for our health, for our health system. I am so thankful for our parks, our fresh air, and our lifestyles. I am so thankful for our opportunity.

I hope you never know what it is like to seriously go without. I honestly have no idea myself. Sure, I have lived off migoreng as a uni student- preferring to spend my spare cash (allowance from the parents) on booze. But I have never really had to go without. You will never go without.

So for that, I am so glad you are mine. I mourn everyday for the children, the people, that go without. But I am so thankful that you don't have to, and I will never allow it to be.

I am so glad you are mine, and I am so glad we are yours.

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