Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mini moments.

A project to capture five perfect moments, every week, from the perspective of my child.

"Whaaaaaaats theeeeeeeeee biggggggggggg dealllllllll abooooooooout speakkkkkkkkkkinggggggg?" Mum and Dad always try to get me to repeat their words, but it's boring. I much prefer to make animal sounds, see I can even speak whale now. Dory from Finding Nemo taught me.

I'm so good at hiding, I just disappear all the time. Sometimes, I'll be on the change table and I'll just disappear. Mum and Dad always get so confused, sometimes Mum even gets upset with Dad and says, "Daddy, you just keep losing him!" It's so funny, and all I have to do is uncover my eyes and I appear again. 

Not long ago my Babcia got me a massive bed, and it doesn't even have rails. Mum loves it, she always sleeps in it. Especially when I wake before the sun. I know how much she loves it so every time I go to bed I put my arms around her neck and pull her in with me. 

I wasn't even tired, I hadn't slept ALL day and I didn't even need to sleep but Mum and Dad put me to bed anyway. Well, as soon as I finished my bottle I got out of bed and played with my toys in my room. I tried to climb the change table, but Mum and Dad put things in my way so I couldn't get up. I got my arms in and half of my body, but nothing else would fit. I closed my eyes for a second and the next thing I remember is Daddy laughing at me and putting me into bed. 

Mum took Mia and I to the playground but before we could play she went into a massive room filled with food, jars, and lots of juice. As she was sitting down, I held Mia's hand. She doesn't really like it when I hold her hand but I like to show her she is my best friend. I was feeling really happy to be sitting next to Mia, and she must have been overwhelmed with happiness too because she turned to Mummy and said, "oh no". At that exact moment I planted a big sloppy kiss on her hand. She was so happy about it she cried tears of joy.

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