Sunday, 23 June 2013

Around here...

Things have been so busy around these parts, so ridiculously busy.

As most of you know I returned to full time work two weeks ago, so Oliver has gone into full time day care. Our life has flipped upside down and with less time I have found us doing more. We are enjoying every second together, we are spending more time keeping the house clean, we are cooking more, and we have stopped taking things for granted.
Honestly, I am so happy to be at work. Part of me wishes I had done it months ago. I was growing sour, growing bored. Not bored of Oliver, just the life of a stay at home mum. I am a very driven person, throughout my pregnancy and Oliver's first year of life I was still completing uni full time (from home). When that finished I found myself somewhat lost.
Well I have found myself again. That something I was looking for wasn't in a cafe, or a photography gig, or a baking tray. It was in a little building in the centre of Canberra, somewhere I could put my university degree to good use, my skills and my creativity to good use.
I actually feel like I have the best job in the world, it's perfect for me and my co-workers make the workplace such a great place to be.

Oliver has adapted well. There have been a few teething pains, and I am nervous about how it will change him. But he is happy, and he loves going to there most days. One day he was a little unwell and he didn't want me to go, but once I left he was a happy camper. Another day I didn't want to leave and I almost made him sad- but I realised what I was doing just in time. Most days he doesn't want to leave. He has a good thing there, a supportive loving carer with a beautiful son who is a good mate and a little girl who is a good friends daughter. The kids all get along well and he has learnt some fantastic dance moves.
When he is home with us he is mostly happy. He has become more demanding for our attention, good or bad, and seems to get bored a lot easier. We are just supporting him through this change and not letting him get away with too much- but realising the change he has gone through.

We have a lot of fun in our down time. We took Oliver to the cinema for the first time last weekend, and it was a blast. He sat the entire time, and it was a great film (Despicable Me 2). It was a great night out.
We visited the ER twice this week. Once because I found him in a puddle of his own sweat- which admittedly was an over reaction- but at the time it seemed so bizarre because it was very chilli over night. And the second time, last night, because he dislocated his arm. That was terrifying, all of a sudden he just lost complete control of his arm and it was just just flopping there. We were at the hospital for two hours and Oliver played the entire time. Eventually he started using his arm again, and the nurse told us we could go home. He popped it back himself whilst playing. Today, you wouldn't have a clue he had hurt himself- in fact I think he'd completely forgotten himself.

James completed a course last week. He picks Oliver up every night and their relationship is stronger than ever. He has been really getting together with this whole 50/50 parenting and housework thing. He's doing a great job and I couldn't do it without him.

So that's about us. This blog deserves more of my time, but my family deserves it more so I'm still trying to find that whole balance thing. For only two weeks in I'd say we're doing okay.

Much love 
Cassandra J xx

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