Sunday, 23 June 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013.
Your language has improved dramatically, you cheers us with your cup, you tell us oh well and you yell for Panda to come your way. You also respond to our words with a greater understanding and it reminds me to watch what we say around you. You understand more than we think, and it's such a wonderful thing.

  • You had your first five day week at day care. There was one day this week you didn't want me to leave, and another that I didn't want to leave. But the other days you were the one who didn't want to leave daycare.
  • You dislocated your shoulder, but you did not cry a peep. We only noticed because you stopped moving your arm completely. It was absolutely terrifying, and after two hours in the hospital you relocated it yourself by playing. I'm pretty sure you think we spent last night at a play centre, and you adapted so quickly to only being able to use one arm.

I miss you, and some days I feel like you are grumpy with me for not being there 24x7 like I used to be. Know that although I am not physically there, I am always there for you when you need me- I'll drop everything to be where you are.

I love you senior Joyce.
Love always,
Mama J xx

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