Monday, 15 July 2013

It's been a year now.

On Sunday, James and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

It has been one year since our perfect DIY wedding. It's funny when these milestones come a long and you reflect on the year that has been.

This time last year we lived in an apartment in inner Sydney, we had a crawling baby, I was still studying my degree, and James and I were very much in love.

Today, we live in a beautiful house in the ACT. Our almost two year old is walking, running, and jumping. I have not only completed my degree, but I have also started my career. And James and I are very much in love.

It's funny how marriage doesn't change anything, but now that we have been married twelve months I couldn't imagine not being married.

I often think about how sad it is that in our society, in the land of the free, this human right is restricted from so many people. I hope that by our next anniversary I am at writing different words, words that prove Australia is the free country we claim it to be.

I also reflect on how much has stayed the same. I am back to where I was health wise this time last year, much to my dismay, Oliver still loves to dance, and be tickled, he still loves Panda and he is still very much a Mamas boy.

Around this time last year, I married my soul mate and my best friend. I love him with my entire heart and soul. And I know I am loved and supported.

It's been a year now, and so much has changed- yet so much remains the same.

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