Sunday, 14 July 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013.

I've rekindled my love of the lensbaby, so I'll be experimenting with that for the next few weeks.

Your Daddy and I have been together for five years this weekend, and married one year today. To celebrate we packed up the car and drove down to the South Coast to visit the Mogo Zoo. We stopped at a gorgeous cafe on the way and you drank your juice in delight. You sat calmly- which is rare for you. At Mogo Zoo you ran around from animal to animal speaking there language. The obvious highlight for all involved was the chance to feed the deers. You never wanted to leave. The delight took over your entire body as you skipped from deer to deer feeding each one equally. You yelled at them if they put their head out too far and a few times it seemed as if you even tried to join them. The joy this brought you absolutely made the day. 

This week we have be dealing with your hitting. We are truly blessed to have found Andreea as your day carer. Together we are working on stopping the problem before it really starts. You are loving day care and did not fuss once this week when I dropped you off. You are such a happy boy, but you are still a toddler. You tantrum and you cry, you hit and you bite. But you listen, and you know when you are wrong. Today, you even said sorry. Your language is growing leaps and bounds everyday. You are picking up news words everyday and sometimes you just come out with the most amazing words.

Oliver, you are the pinnacle of bliss. 

I love you ever so much.

Love always, Mama J. xx

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