Thursday, 5 April 2012

That's my name, feel free to wear it out.

Oliver has had a massive week. He has gone from baby to infant. He really is becoming a child. He is so independent and learning so much.
This week he has truly mastered the art of commando crawling, and I have truly mastered the art of situation analysis. Me oh my can this kid move, and quickly. I have incased wires in hideous baskets and placed foam on sharp corners. My dream is to wrap my house in bubble wrap, or alternatively my son. Don't fret, I'd give him air holes. But really, he moves so quickly and it is great to watch. He can go where he wants, and majority of the time he wants to go to my dogs matt.
 I thought Pandora (the dog) would be terrified and unhappy, but they have created such a strong bond over the last week. Their favourite game is to sit in front of the mirror and Panda licks Ollie's ear and he watches in the mirror. Then he turns to look at her, she does a lap of the room and repeat. Oh, the laughter, to joy. It's beautiful.
Oliver has also started eating meat, well chicken. He loves it. He has one piece in his mouth and one in each hand trying to jam them in. Yesterday I mixed it with spinach (his favourite green) and it was on another level. He nommed like he has never nommed before. He laughs and plays and really enjoys his food. I want meal time to be a fun time so this greatly excites us. He'd have chicken for every meal if he could, but unfortunately he cannot. I won't allow it.
He has also started eating sandwiches.  Avocado at first, but he has also enjoyed Vegemite, mixed mashed vegetables, and his favourite banana. I used to love banana and honey sandwiches as a child so this thrills me so. 
We have also started the weaning process. He now has a formula bottle for dinner and he is really starting to enjoy it.
Oliver also got his second tooth. Not nearly the ordeal we had with tooth number one. In fact, he didn't seem to mind at all. He chewed a lot, but that was the extent of it.

But finally and most excitingly my son, Oliver William J, can say Mama. Okay so its kind of a mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmum mama mmmmm sound. And yes normally it is said when playing with the dog. So yes I am not deluded, I know it is just a sound and I know he doesn't know just yet that I am Mum. But he will. And my gosh does it sound so sweet. He crawls around saying my name and laughing. If love could have a sound, to me that is it. He is delighted by his new skill and he loves to say it as much as I love to hear it. His voice is so sweet I just want to grab it and hold it close to my heart forever. 
I was concerned James might feel a twang of jealousy, as I think I may if it was Dadda leaving Oliver's sweet lips. But no, not at all. He is just thrilled at Oliver's big milestone. He is such a supportive man and comes home every night and declares it's time for standing practice and spends hours just playing with Oliver and helping him stand up on random objects around the house, as well as playing and giggling. I'm still undecided as to who enjoys it more.
The thrill on Oliver's face when James walks through the door is just divine. It's like listening to the beetles for the first time. But every afternoon at about 5pm. 

This week has been one of those weeks that makes me want to have more babies. It makes every second of sleep depravation, stress, pain and other mother related negative feeling completely obsolete. If a smile makes it all worth it, this week makes me in debit to the little man I call Oliver. He is just suburb and I don't know what I did to deserve him. But gosh it feels good.

Here are some pictures of his week: (He is very protective of his new teeth so no photos just yet)

First chicken.

First vegemite sandwich.

Can you believe just over a week ago he refused the bottle, now he loves it.


  1. How? How did you get him to drink from a bottle? I need to teach Bubby by Monday.

    P.S. We're going to miss you!

    1. Honestly, I held his hands downs and put it in his mouth and kind of soothed him whilst he screamed and eventually he took it. I also changed bottles from the Avent to the Tommie Tippee as it is a more circular shape. He wouldn't even think about the avent's. As I am still mixed feeding I never 'starved him until he drank', although that was recommended to me by a few friends (none who had children but they had heard it worked, *sigh*). It works better when they are a little bit sleepy as well. Does E take a dummy? My mum would feed Ollie by taking his dummy out and then popping the bottle in. Worked a treat. Good luck! and we'll miss you too. But with facebook we'll so keep in touch. x