Saturday, 13 April 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013.


We took you to the Canberra zoo and we could see how much you have truly grown since our last visit to Taronga Zoo just a few months ago. You oh oh ah ah'ed at the monkeys, hissed at the snakes, and roared at the sharks and crocodiles. You ran around the aquarium section like you own the place, yet held Daddy's hand very tightly when you where uncertain of some fish.

  • You fell head over heels in love with a film, 'how to train a dragon'. So much so that whenever you see my iPad you grab it a beg for the film in your native baby tongue.
  • You would ride your rocking horse in front of said film and it seemed to us that you were pretending to ride a dragon.
  • You and Mia bonded again over both your love and fear of balloons.
  • You have started to put a lot more words into context, in particular no! Not only do you say it in context, but you understand us when we say it to you.
  • You've started crawling into our bed and pretending to sleep by pulling the doona over you and snoring, all the while you keep your eyes open to watch us delight in your game.
  • You play hide and seek by crawling under your couch, and you generally take a toy under there with you. You love it when you throw it off you and we exclaim, 'Theres Ollie!'
  • You are used to having a back yard and not always as devastated when it's time to go inside. You are now confident it will still be there when you wake up.

This week has been a massive leap week for you. One day you just told Daddy, 'no more' when he asked if you wanted more weet-bix. Since then it's like you have found all the fragments that make up language and are slowly putting them together. Thank you for your continuos kisses and cuddles. Every time I think you are so close with your Daddy and that I am forgotten you run over and give me a reassuring cuddle accompanied with a pat on the back. You are the third musketeer and every day with you feels like I'm walking on a cloud.

Love always
Mama J x

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